Our Belief

What We Believe:

We live in a world that God has made   for us to enjoy and look after. God has made us to live life to the full – and   that means to live in fulfilling relationships with God and others and to be at   peace with ourselves as well.

But we all mess up, nobody lives life as we   should. Because of our sin, we ruin our relationships with one another and with   God.                 

In Jesus, God made   it possible for us to get back into right relationships and gives us the chance   to start again. Because Jesus died for us on the cross, he paid the ultimate   price for our sin, and cleared the way for a fresh   start.

Being a Christian means to accept what Jesus   has done on the cross, and to follow him daily, with the strength we receive   from the Holy Spirit. It’s not about following religious laws, but being set   free to really live life to the full, as God   intended.

Baptism is the way that people become a part of the Christian   church and show that their lives have been changed by meeting Jesus. Therefore   it is only for adult believers who have come to their own decision about   following Jesus Christ. We have a special service for parents wishing to give   thanks to God for the birth of a   child.

For an   introduction to the Christian faith go to theway.co.uk

Why We Worship:

Worship, by   definition, ‘to adore God’, creates more problems within and between churches   than any other aspect of our church services. For we all have our own ideas on   how best to worship. They are functions of our age and religious tradition.   Those young in years or heart, express themselves in different ways to the ‘grey   brigade’. Similarly, traditional, evangelical, charismatic and Pentecostal   traditions have all developed their own forms of worship which their adherents   are comfortable with. The challenges that these   ever-present divergences produce will likely remain with us until the return of   Jesus, when we will all worship Him with one accord.

But there is one   question that is far more important than ‘how we worship’. And that is ‘why we   worship’. For ‘why’ is the substance behind the ‘how’ of the form. Our God seeks   the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how’. Our motivation, our heart, is what our God is   interested in. Both individually, and as groups of worshippers.

And our worship is   first and foremost to bless, to magnify, to glorify and honour our magnificent   God. Not seeking a blessing for us. To give, rather than receive. To love,   rather than to be loved. Yes, we will be blessed, we will receive and we will be   loved, for that is the nature of our amazing God. But that is the by-product,   not the primary purpose of our worship.

As we give our all to   Him, so He opens up the very doors of heaven itself, and we can experience a   glimpse, a foretaste of the eternal glory we have already entered into upon the   acceptance of Jesus as our Saviour and Lord. We can experience the beautiful   presence of the Lord in many different types of worship service. For His   presence is attracted not by the form but by our heart of worship.

O yes, let’s love and worship Him   with all our being, shall we!

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